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The School will organize and cover an excursion during the inbetween weekend. Beyond this organized activity you are welcome and encouraged to profit the place and do other excursions before or after your stay at the school. Following is a brief summary we have prepared with activities in Argentina. We are very happy to assist you with these plans. Please email us and we will put you in contact with the agency we have hired to assist us with tourism all over the country (

Please follow the links to see some great experiences you could have in Argentinian Patagonia. THIS ACTIVITIES ARE NOT COVERED BY THE SCHOOL.

Calafate Optional Activities

Argentina at a glance

Useful general information about Argentina

From a more personal point of view, we quote Mariano Sigman:

"Here is my personal advice (after having backpack Argentina for many months): First, very important, keep in mind that Argentina is a large country. Going from Calafate (where we will be) to Iguazu (north of Argentina)
is like going from Paris to Oslo. So do not plan your trip of a few days hopscotching from north to south. It is like going to NY for two days, then to San Francisco and from there to Chicago and back to New Orleans to fly back home…. Better choose one or two places, or stay at least two weeks…
El Chalten (a few hours from Calafate) is a must for those of you who love hiking. Do not go there for a day; it is definitively not worth as you will only get a feeling of the place if you stay for a few days. Same for Torres del Paine.
We will visit “El Glaciar Perito Moreno”. It is worth going again, specially since the success of the visit depends on the weather. There are more adventurous visits which require you to be in good shape to hike in ice in treks of intermediate difficulties.
Far from Patagonia, my favorite place in Argentina is the North-West, the high plains, the salty deserts, the lunar landscapes and the colorful and friendly people of Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy."